Snowmen in August

After all the talk of Christmas in July I thought it would be a productive time to get a head start on Christmas ornaments this year. I'm usually quite slow compared to a lot of crafters, so getting things done in August is pretty good!
Snowmen Ornaments
I changed the design of the snowmen from last year, adding little hand knitted scarves and hats with pom-poms, I'm hoping to make a few with the option to either have a name embroidered or perhaps a felt monogram?

Gingerbread Men Ornaments
I also added scarves to the gingerbread men, as well as using twine for the loop rather than ribbon. It's adorable how chunky the scarves look on them, they look very cozy.

Bakers Twine
I'm slightly obsessed with Bakers Twine lately, it adds a really nice touch, especially when packaging orders. It's fantastic how you can get it in so many different colour combinations, and I'm loving this gold flecked twine shown above.

Are you preparing early for Christmas this year?


  1. Those are really cute! I have not started on Christmas ornaments yet, but I really need to start thinking about it soon! Thanks for the reminder. :)

  2. Your ornaments are adorable! And good for you for getting a head start on Christmas! I need to start getting inventory for fall shows...SOON!
    I like the idea of adding a felt monogram. People love personalized items :)

  3. ура готовимся к зиме)))

  4. how cute! the snowman ornaments are adorable!

  5. And yes, so good to see you back!

  6. Guess, you do it right! We are still busy with summer.... So no chance to think on Christmas yet...